Air compression installation, maintenance, complete overhaul & spare part selling.
Complete air treatment that we call Air management

Rivair srl was established in 1982 as authorised dealer of Ingersoll Rand, for the sales and service of Centrifugal Air Compressors, sales and service of the screw compressors and selling of spare parts.

In 1998 Rivair becomes official dealer of Compair and from 2013 provides service for Cameron plantair compressors.

Rivair’s core business since over 30 years is the Centrifugal compressor.

The service is held at 360 °, from scheduled maintenance with replacement of parts subject to normal wear, to the complete and general overhaul with replacement of bearings, seals, gasket and o-ring kit, etc.

Following the main activities:

  • Scheduled maintenance contracts or individual interventions;
  • Complete overhaul of the unit with 24 months warranty with the use of synthetic lubricating oil;
  • Supply of spare parts new and guaranteed for 12 months;
    Pickling cleaning and pressing of hydrostatic air coolers and oil or replace them with new parts;
  • Supply and assembly of new panels CMC and XE with programmed display and cords;
  • Zero working hour engine overhaul as specified by the manufacturer with replacement of bearings and / or bushings;
  • Re-metallization of main gear shaft with the grinding of the teeth;
    Chrome plating and grinding of Pinions, tracks and polygons;
  • Carry-over of material on the vanes of the impeller as a result of any impact and reconstruction of the eye of the diffuser to get back the perfect match between the two sides;
  • Supply of new rotors and new diffusers at very competitive prices, thanks to technology of reverse engineer the reconstruction of the same with 5-axis machines mills, all obviously guaranteed;
  • Balancing of rotors in Rivair workshop with machines CEMB;
    Vibration analysis with CSI2130 and CSI2140 instrumentation, all the plots and technical reports are delivered to the customer.
  • During the last decade we have searched for abroad clients to whom we can provide assistance about their Centrifugal Air Compressors.
  • The budget of Rivair today spread to 80% of the foreign market and the remaining 20% of the Italian market
  • The countries where we have developed mainly our presence are: Pakistan, Turkmenistan, UAE, Russia, France, Scotland, Sweden, Spain and many other.
  • Rivair has opened a Liaison office in Turkey in 2011 with staff on site that follows the entire market.

The guarantees that Rivair applies on jobs done in Italy are the same that are applied for work performed abroad.

The company is lean, fast and organized, this allows us to act in very short time.

In all these years, gaining more experience and working in an increasingly better quality we can declare to be the only real alternative to the manufacturer.